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About The Academy

The Academy is a progressive coaching program that runs sessions throughout the week.

All our sessions are led by UEFA qualified coaches who use a rolling six week curriculum similar to professional academies, Our aim is to develop the ability of every player that attends our sessions.

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The first step on your football journey. Learn new skills, coordination and most importantly have fun, with a ball at your feet.

Age Range
3 – 5 years old



A technical ball mastery session ideal for any aspiring baller. This session is all about being brave on the ball in attacking situations. This Session is split into groups based on age and ability.

Age Range
5 – 11 years old



A whole game approach. Learn to master the basics in all aspects of football. From ball control and dribbling to shooting and defending. This session is to develop all areas of your game. This Session is split into groups based on age and ability.

Age Range
6 – 11 years old



Our top session which is invite only. Working on both Technical and Tactical themes each week. We strive to develop every detail of your game in both a competitive and challenging environment.

Age Range
8 – 16 years old

Regular feedback is provided to each individual player from their coaches across all sessions *You will need to contact the Head Coach at your centre to discuss an invitation to this group

Weekly session themes

Week 1

Tactical: Playing out from the back

Technical: Passing

Example:Ball must start with the GK with two defenders splitting either side. Consider the triangle shape and where midfield/fullback’s are positioned.

Week 2

Tactical: Playing through the 3rds

Technical: Dribbling

Example:How do we pass to break lines to attack? Consider angles and distances of passes. Emphasis on playing forward at every opportunity.

Week 3

Tactical: How and when to counter attack Technical

Technical: Running with the ball

Example:Focus around playing quickly making use of the overload. Tempo should be fast with lots of goal scoring opportunities. Defending look at recovery runs from behind the ball.

Week 4

Tactical: Defending from the front

Technical: 1v1 Defending

Example:Consider Shape, pressing to set traps, the 4D’s of defending. How fast can we win the ball back? What do we do next?

Week 5

Tactical: Retain possession and re-build attacks

Technical: Turning

Example:Focus on staying on the ball as a team. How and when to change the point of attack. Team shape with triggers to receive. Not afraid to start again. Enjoy the ball.

Week 6

Tactical: Lots of small sided games


Example:Focusing on the key areas from the previous five weeks. How can we implement what they have learnt.

Meet our coaches

All our coaches are DBS checked and have up to date safeguarding qualifications


THE ACADEMY Memberships


£40 per month


1 session per week


£60 per month


2 sessions per week


£90 per month


3 sessions per week

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1 trial session

Coaching session

One to one sessions




30 mins




1 hour

Small group sessions


Dependent on group size

Discounts available for all academy players on kids parties and holiday camps.


To register your interest to join one of multiple session please complete our registration from and one of our club colleagues will contact you to finalise your registration process.


  • 01 Will attending The Academy affect my grassroots team?
  • We don’t want to poach or take players away from their Junior Football teams, our aim is to provide academy level coaching to kids of all abilities that will only enhance their performances for their junior clubs at weekends.
  • 02 Is this a football club?
  • No we aren’t a club, just extra coaching for players.
  • 03 Do you only work with high level players?
  • Our sessions are open to all players of all abilities.
  • 04 Do you have to attend all three sessions during the week?
  • No you are able to pick just one or if you like multiple sessions per week, however the session you select will be the session you attend each week for that month. So you can’t select one session per week but do different sessions each week.
  • 05 Will my child be scouted for professional teams?
  • Although this isn’t our main aim and we work with players of all abilities, we have had scouts attend our sessions previously which has led to players going to other pro academies.