Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement


Fives Soccer Centres would like to remind all players and spectators of our zero tolerance policy and commitment to ensuring that our venues continue to be a welcoming environment for everybody and will act against any offensive, homophobic or discriminatory behaviour.

We strive to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion throughout so that all sites are free from all forms of discrimination. Our local communities are the lifeblood of our company, this is regardless of gender, age, disability, religion/belief, race or sexual orientation. We actively promote equality, diversity and inclusion in all our actions, values and standards.

We will continue to work hard to bring people together through football in a way that supports positive change, improves lives and inclusive experience of our community and makes everybody feel valued.

Regardless of your background or personal circumstances, it is absolutely fundamental to our values that everyone should be made to feel welcome across all Fives Soccer Centres sites. We are proud to represent every part of our diverse community and will not compromise on our values