Problems with 3DS2 payment authentication on the Fives app


Have you had problems with a payment failing because you were asked to enter security information during your transaction? This might have been, for example, a one-time passcode (received to your mobile phone) or providing the answer to a security question. If you were invited to a game, you may not have been asked for the security information at all.

This is happening as a reaction to new legislation coming from the EU ‘Revised Payment Services Directive’ (also known as ‘PSD2’). PSD2 is designed to increase the security around online payments by ensuring the person making an online transaction is the payment method holder.

Banks, credit card providers and payment institutions are in the process of adapting their security measures to meet PSD2 standards. The new security standard is known as 3DS. 3DS is why you are being asked for more information.

Unfortunately, while these changes are being adopted, 3DS authentication failures may cause payments made on the Fives app to fail.

If this happened to you, please contact your bank or credit card provider directly to find out why a payment has been declined. Please also contact them for news on when their 3DS implementation will work for future payments where the user may not be on their device when the additional security information is requested.

In the meantime, Fives are actively looking for alternate payment methods that are unaffected by this new legislation to ensure all of our customers experience an unhindered booking and payment experience.