What’s happening at Fives Yardley?

We have had a fantastic and busy start to the school summer holidays here at Fives Yardley with plenty of activities taking place for the children within the local community. Sporting your Futures are delivering a super summer multi sports camp for the first 5 weeks of the holidays.

This programme has proved to be a great success with lots of boys and girls attending to take part and enjoy the sports activities that we offer. We have teamed up with Vision Football Academy to also run our own in-house summer camp which also proved a hit with the local community.

We are very fortunate to have had such a good turnout and a great group of kids, all aged 5-12 years, along with their very proud and cheering parents. Despite the British weather being its usual miserable self, our little stars were not discouraged. The kids all conducted themselves very well and were a joy to have.

Alongside the two camps we currently have in place, we also offer a pay-and-play programme where children are free to come in at any time between 9am-5pm to use a pitch with their friends or peers for a small fee of £4-£5 per player.

This is a great way for the youth members of the community to not only socialise in a safe and inclusive environment but to also make new friends, get off the couch and get daily exercise.

Don’t forget to check out our pay and play sessions as they are very popular here at Yardley. We see many children from the local area attending the site several times a week to get their football fix, enjoying some time away from home and having a kick about with their friends.